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Breast Cancer Awareness

Anyone and everyone is touched by breast cancer when it shows up during physical examinations, self-Breast Cancer Awarenessexamination or mammogram. No one is impervious to this disease and we can all do something about it by supporting research efforts to eliminate this disease from the women in our lives.

One person has decided to do her part in making breast cancer awareness a part of her everyday life by having her shiny new Camaro accented with breast cancer awareness ghost flames applied by the pros at Pro Street Customs in Orlando Florida.

The owner of the Camaro (a nurse) recently had the car hit by another car and it needed to be repaired. But she didn't want just anyone working on her car so she brought into the professionals at Pro Street Customs. She had viewed many of the custom paint jobs here on this web site so she already had a side project in mind when she had the car towed to the Pro Street Customs complex. While getting an estimate for the repairs to the door and fender she inquired about having ghost flames painted on the hood and truck deck of the red Camaro. During the process it was also decided to repaint the car with the original Chevrolet color of Victory Red but with the magic touch of Pro Street Customs. Below is the results, click on each picture and you can view a high res image and then click the large image and it will disappear.

Breast Cancer Awareness Camaro by Pro Street Customs

Breast Cancer Awareness Camaro Side View Breast Cancer Awareness Camaro 3/4 View
Breast Cancer Awareness Camaro Ghost Flames On Hood Breast Cancer Awareness Camaro Ghost Flames On Trunk
Breast Cancer Awareness Camaro Rear View Breast Cancer Awareness Camaro Front View
Breast Cancer Awareness Camaro 3/4 View Breast Cancer Awareness Camaro Side View
Click on images for hi-res versions, click large images to close them.


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